Authorities inspect Santa Laura and authorize the public for Unión vs Colo Colo

During this day the Minister of Sports Cecilia Pérez; the President of the ANFP, Pablo Milad; the Seremi de Salud de la RM, Paula Labra; and the Chief of Estadio Seguro, Cristóbal Lladser, they met to deliver details on the return of the public to the stadiums. The activity took place at the Santa Laura Stadium, the venue that will host the meeting between Unión Española and Colo Colo.

In the activity, a tour of the traditional sports venue was made and the main recommendations were reinforced. Among them, the prohibition of celebrating goals with hugs by the attendees, in addition to staying with a mask inside the stadium. The fan who does not comply with these measures risks a year of sanction without attending sports venues.

“I appeal mainly to the fans, the pandemic has not ended, the pandemic continues, we must be an example as an activity that has not stopped from the beginning due to responsibility, the professionalism of all the clubs that have complied with the protocols “, expressed the president of the ANFP, Pablo Milad.

For the meeting between Hispanics and Albos, scheduled for Saturday at 5:30 p.m., a capacity of 2,486 spectators was authorized. Tickets that will be sold exclusively to fans of the local team.

The inspection instance to the Santa Laura stadium served to confirm that the Monumental Stadium will be the venue where Chile will receive Brazil. “It will be the Monumental. It will be subject to the change of the curfew. We have presented 21 hours, but it can also be modified to 19 with the presence of the public. We hope to have the support of the authority and the sanitary conditions to increase the capacity”Milad pointed out.

To later add, that the Cacique enclosure could host new qualifying events. “We will continue with the Monumental stadium until the Nacional stadium is 100 percent enabled”, Hill.

The Monumental Stadium will once again host the Chilean national team | Photo: archive

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