Automobile: the green insurance card will no longer be necessary from 2023


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L. Bazizin, L. Campisi, A. Lo Cascio, C. De Chassey – France 3

France Televisions

The Minister ofEeconomy Bruno le Maire wants to remove the car and motorcycle insurance sticker in 2023. According to him, it is ecological heresy, at a time when everything is digitized.

The green card that you put on your windshield to indicate that your vehicle is well insured will no longer be necessary during the year 2023. This news leaves the drivers we met on the morning of Wednesday 21 September rather indifferent. “It didn’t bother me that she existed, so it doesn’t bother me that she disappeared”, says a biker. The insurance sticker became compulsory in France in 1986, with a supporting communication campaign.

Today, in one click, police and gendarmes have direct access to the file of insured vehicles, and thus no longer need the green card. The paper version is too easily falsified according to the insurance companies. Removing it will also save printing and mailing costs. An economical and ecological gesture. France is one of the last countries to keep the green sticker. For the moment, not having it is risking a fine of 35 euros.

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