Auxiliary health technicians ask the PR to quickly enact a new career

Giuseppe Lami / EPA

President of the Portuguese Association of Auxiliary Health Technicians expects development by the end of the year and asks for a “critical look” from Marcelo based on the pretensions of professionals.

The Portuguese Association of Auxiliary Health Technicians (APTAS) this Tuesday asked the President of the Republic to enact as soon as possible the law that creates this career, as soon as the diploma arrives in Belém.

After being received by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the president of APTAS told Lusa that the audience intended to sensitize the head of state so that, when the diploma arrives in Belém for promulgation, “dispatch it as quickly as possible, but with a critical eye” based on the professionals’ pretensions.

According to Adão Rocha, at issue is the creation of the career of auxiliary health technician, which already existed until 2008, the year in which these workers moved to the general careers of the State.

According to him, at stake are about 30 thousand workers of the National Health Service, a number that rises to close to 150 thousand with the private and social sectors, including homes, where many of these professionals “work helplessly and without any nursing support”.

APTAS intends that the creation of the career of auxiliary health technician be allocated in the careers of technical assistants and that it is not within the scope of the category of operational assistants, explained the director of APTAS, recalling that the Government Program contemplates this intention.

“With the fall of the Minister (of Health, Marta Temido), this process will take a little longer, but we want to have the process developed significantly by the end of the year so that can we enter 2023 with a defined and published career” in Diário da República, he said.

APTA now intends to meet with the new Minister of Health, with Adão Rocha believing that Manuel Pizarro “will be aware of this issue, because he is a doctor by profession”.

At the end of June, in a parliamentary debate, the Prime Minister, António Costa, assured that the creation of a career as an auxiliary health technician is foreseen in the State Budget for 2022.

At the end of July, a union source said that negotiations between the government and unions for the creation of healthcare assistant career should start this month, after the Ministry sends the negotiating protocol.

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