Aviation: the success of a small French manufacturer from La Rochelle

Aviation: the success of a small French manufacturer from La Rochelle

S. Poirier, M. Millet, N. Pagnoux-Touret

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In the highly competitive aviation sector, focus on the success of a young company from La Rochelle. It manufactures small planes at very safe prices and very fuel efficient. The company begins to seduce the American market.

The Elixir, an aircraft designed, developed and built in La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime) has just landed ten firm orders in the United States. This contract marks the beginning of the company’s adventure across the Atlantic, where competition rages on the edge of the tarmacs. “A very nice step”according to Emmanuel Gil, the European sales manager of Elixir Aircraft.

A model of safety and sobriety

The fourth generation Elixir is a model of safety and sobriety. Its fuselage, wings, equipment and engine make it one of the safest and most economical in the world. The cost per flight hour is four times cheaper than its peers. “It’s an aircraft that will consume 12.5 liters per hour, which is therefore much less energy-intensive”, also notes Éric Hospital, the industrial director of Elixir Aircraft. With 60 aircraft on order in two years, the Elixir is a success for the young company. In the workshops, it will now be necessary to build one aircraft per week.

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