Avowed, new details for the Obsidian title

It’s been nearly a year since that trailer, and many still watch it multiple times a day, if not more. Obviously, however, for many others it was just one of the many CGI trailers that are released ahead of time, without yet a clear idea of ​​what the title will be in its final form. We are obviously talking about what will be one of the next exclusives for Xbox made directly from the hands of the talented Obsidian guys. Avowed as seen in the trailer was born in the most classic fantasy, wizards, warriors and strongholds. Everything then ends in one of the most classic settings. A cave full of mysteries that could make us think of a sort of explorable dungeon.

Through the pages of Windowscentral we learn, however, of brand new information and above all on some points of view on the title that seems to come from someone who has managed to put more than one eye on Avowed who still seems to be still in an early stage of its development. What should we expect is a Skyrim adventure? Or something more like Outer Worlds. It is not said that everything is open world like Elder Scrolls, but perhaps for the structure of its narrative the development team, it could be interesting to manage the game world with a hub and huge open maps. Obviously for the moment these are just guesses.

Another uncertainty also comes from the style of play which, as we have already seen from the announcement trailer that we also post in this news, seems to be in the first person, approaching the last chapters of Elder Scrolls. Two “weapons” in hand that can obviously be chosen based on the fighting style, and various types of spells that can be used on many occasions. All obviously inserted in a setting that seems to resemble those of Pillars of Eternity, a little gem within the world of on-screen RPGs.

For the moment, there is still very little information on Avowed. Obsidian has not yet ruled on this exclusive and it is very likely that it will remain silent for a long time. So we just have to deceive the wait with something sweet. For example with Forza Horizon 5 next month, which looks spectacular! Here is our preview!

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