Axel Elmblad from Gnosjö won gold in the JVM and on the O-ring

The 20-year-old won JVM gold in the sprint at the competition in Portugal in July. However, some of the races were moved to November because they could not be held due to fire risk.
Also at the O-ring in Uppsala, it was a first place for Axel Elmblad when he took home the gold medal in the H20 elite class.

– JVM gold is the biggest thing I can win, so it probably hits the hardest. But the O-ring is also big, it goes on for many days and it’s tough to be even all the time, says Axel.

Alex Elmblad and the JVM gold medal.

From junior to senior

Axel Elmblad lives in Åsenhöga in Gnosjö municipality and started orienteering about 15 years ago. In the first years he belonged to OK Stigen, but has now been competing for many years for Bredaryd’s ski and orienteering club, BSOK. He intends to continue investing in orienteering.

Next year he will turn 21 and then go from junior to senior.

– I’ve noticed that there aren’t that many differences to be at that level, physically and technically. But the Swedish national team is very high class so it will be tough to get into a world cup or something. But I hope I can do it.

Next up is the relay in the youth 10-mile run, which will take place over the weekend in Ulricehamn.

Hear Axel tell in the clip why he is so successful.

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