Ayem Nour: his ex Vincent Miclet accused of violence, he says to himself "victim of a conspiracy"

Between Ayem Nour and his ex Vincent Miclet, it’s war. The former reality TV star, who went to pick up her son in Morocco, accuses the businessman of domestic violence. The latter responds to him on Instagram.

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Nothing goes between Ayem Nour and Vincent Miclet. As a couple for several years, the former lovers welcomed their first child together in 2016. Since then, it has been impossible for them to get along. On November 16, the father of little Ayvin accused his ex-girlfriend of having kidnapped their child: “Monday morning, after dropping my son off at American school [à Marrakech, là où vit Vincent Miclet, ndlr]his mother Ayem Nour in complicity with his mother Farida removed him from school without my consent“. In the process, the main concerned denied these accusations. According to her, her ex would prevent them from returning to France by refusing to give back their son’s passport. And the story is far from stopping there, since the columnist of TPMP published a few days later a photo of her on Instagram with red marks on her neckpromising in the caption to “reveal the whole truth“.

Ayem accuses his ex “strangulation

This Saturday, November 26, Ayem Nour, always “sequestered” in Morocco, explicitly accused the father of his child of being responsible for his injuries. “It’s not just scratches unfortunately… It is a strangulation of several seconds, with the will to cut my breath. This act could have been fatal!“. An attack that would have occurred “in the presence of [leur] baby a few months old“. She then confided that she had not filed a complaint: “for pain of seeing my son’s father in prison. Once again, I protected him out of love and for my son“. And according to his words, this episode was only the beginning of the atrocities.

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Vincent Miclet responds to Ayem’s accusations

Shortly after this publication, Vincent Miclet defended himself on Instagram. First of all, he regrets that his son cannot follow a normal schooling because of the behavior of his ex-partner. “I am currently the victim of a real plot on the part of Ayem and his mother who now seek to harm me and blackmail me emotionally and financially around my son, and this for years“, he writes. As for the accusations of domestic violence, he denies: “I think you’re smart enough to figure that out it’s just a way to black me out and make headlines again“, he confides before adding: “I have nothing to reproach myself and I will act at all costs so that the actions of this person stop and that the truth comes out“. A right of reply which seems to be only the beginning of a long affair.

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