Bac 2022: the results of the assignments known, the next steps

After the completion of the first stage of pre-registration, that of filling in the wishes form, it is now time for the 2022 baccalaureate winners to know their specialties.

It is today, Wednesday evening August 3, that the results of the assignments of new graduates will be published on the university pre-registration platform:

To know the result of his assignment, nothing could be simpler. All the future student has to do is connect to the site: (open) and enter their details (registration number and personal code).

2022 university pre-registrations: the next steps

Immediately following the publication of the results of the assignments, two important dates are to remember:

From Thursday 4 to Saturday 6 August: the baccalaureate holders who have not obtained any of their choices will be offered to fill in a new wishes form. Of the six (6) choices, at least two (2) must relate to license courses with local or regional recruitment. The results will be published on Thursday August 11, in the evening, on the platform:
From Thursday 4 to Monday 8 August: Baccalaureate holders assigned to the Écoles Normales Supérieures (ENS) will go for interviews before a jury to validate their admission. In the event of failure, the candidate will be directed to the next specialty appearing on his/her job description which does not require an oral interview.

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Then will come the stages of the payment of the registration fees, the deposit of the files of the university works and the definitive registrations. These will take place according to the following schedule:

From August 20 to 26: payment of registration fees (link 1) and filing of files for university works: accommodation, scholarship and transport (link 2).
From August 26 to September 3: processing of accommodation requests by the departments of university works (DOU)
From September 5 to 8, 2022: final registrations online (link). The deposit of the original of the baccalaureate transcript will be made later in the establishment to which the student will have been assigned.

All these steps will be carried out online, on the student portal:; and on the university works portal:

The Minister, Abdelbaki Benziane, unveils the results of the assignment operation

During a press conference he held on Wednesday, August 3, the Minister of Higher Education, Abdelbaki Benziane, gave the quantified assessment of the pre-registration operation for new graduates.

Among the novelties of this 2022 baccalaureate, Benziane cited:

– Extending the use of the weighted average system;
– The introduction of two new specialties in pharmacy at the University of Algiers: assistant pharmacist and manufacture of pharmaceutical products;
– The separation, within the ENS, of the exact sciences into two branches: mathematics and physics, from the first year;
– Ditto for the common core mathematics-computer science. This will be divided from the next academic year into two distinct branches from the first year;
– The creation of two national higher schools of Saharan agriculture in the wilayas of El Oued and Adrar.
– The opening in 18 universities of a new specialty intended for the training of architects-entrepreneurs.

Abdelbaki Benziane, Algerian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research during the press conference on Wednesday August 3, 2022.

Regarding the results of the assignment operation, here are some figures revealed by the Minister

– In total, the number of graduates for the 2022 baccalaureate stands at 345,382, a very slight drop compared to 2021.
– On the other hand, the number of baccalaureate with mention of excellence (+0.3%), very good (+5.2%), good (+13.7%) and fairly good (+25.9%) has increased.
– The minimum weighted averages required for the specialties of medicine, pharmacy and dentistry are respectively: 16.27, 15.78 and 16.19.
– The number of candidates who did not obtain any of their choices was 9714.
– More than 80% of candidates were directed towards the LMD license cycles, nearly 3% towards preparatory schools and around 4% towards medical specialties.
– In the last five years, more than 1.5 million students have joined the university.
– In 1990, the number of baccalaureate graduates was only 45,000, in 2010 it reached 240,000, and in 2022, 345,000.

In addition, the Minister of Higher Education indicated that more than two thirds of new graduates (65%) were assigned to one of their first three choices.

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