Baccalaureate 2022: the grand oral test begins for ten days


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S. Broomberg, A. Delcourt, P. Brame – France 3

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The last baccalaureate test, the grand oral, begins on Monday 20 June. Terminale students are questioned, in their specialty, on a subject of their choice.

Monday, June 20, the baccalaureate oral test begins for final year students. A high school girl is stressed about the idea of ​​stammering and not being able to continue her oral. Candidates are interviewed in their specialty and have chosen the subjects themselves, for example, in SVT, “why do we stagger after heavy drinking”. For ten days, 35 teachers from a high school in the Yvelines will assess 600 students.

This exercise is also new for the teachers, who will try to build confidence in the candidates. “We can be reserved, but we will immediately see the seriousness, the work that has been accomplished”, says Sandrine Clause, English teacher. The test lasts 40 minutes: it includes 20 minutes of preparation and five minutes of maintenance. “It went very well. I was able to say everything I wanted to say, I hope they liked it”, confides Sathine Beaudouin, a final year student, at the end of her oral. The results will be known on July 5.

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