Back 4 Blood: Eight Tips for Survival

Play with people you know
Back 4 Blood can be incredibly challenging at times and when it starts to get crowded it can go really bad fast. Playing with people you do not know will to a large extent be a deplorable gaming experience where some people wander around on their own, choose the wrong card and can not talk strategy with. Be sure to pick up teammates among your friends or on social media instead of getting a good squad of people who stick together. But even Back 4 Blood opened up and becomes the higher it actually is usually in the right company.

Beware of alarms and birds
There are two types of alarms in Back 4 Blood that risk making your adventure significantly more damn than it needs to be. The worst is the car alarm, and which carts have these activated you see most easily on their flashing lights. If you damage these, the alarm goes off and enemies will crash against you and cost valuable lives, ammo and equipment. If you see a car alarm, stay away, tip the others and try to fight a little further away so no one happens to shoot an alarmed cart. Also check the doors before you open them, there is a sign with Security Notice or similar – so it is important to be careful. Here you can instead get zombies on the other side to tear down the door for you by shooting nearby and attracting their attention. Doing so avoids the problem of the alarm. It is also worth warning about the birds, which are easy to spot and avoid. Squat as you walk past them and fight a bit away to avoid problems. There is also an enemy called Snitches that has a kind of fleshy tentacle skulls. They roar loudly if you see yourself, with the same result as if the alarm had gone off. Sneak past these or let someone with a really powerful sniper rifle shoot them in the neck (they must die from a shot, otherwise they will howl, and if you succeed you are waiting for an Achievement / trophy).

Use extra health smartly
Along the tracks you will sometimes find first aid, four, one for each Cleaner. Depending on the degree of difficulty, they cost to use. Make sure that the person who needs them the most can actually use them the most instead of dividing them one per person. It is clearly better for others to pay for themselves if needed and ensure that weaker characters or less experienced players get help. Often you will need the whole team and letting someone die is a very bad strategy.

Back 4 Blood

Familiarize yourself with the deck of cards
The system with the deck can initially seem a bit overwhelming and there is no great way to get acquainted with it. But actually taking the time to build a well-composed game that will help the group is worth its weight in gold in the end. It’s not just about choosing cards either, but also about placing them in the right order. The card you will want to use the most will be the first. Personally, I think it’s good to make sure to get extra money in different ways to be able to get the maximum, buy good upgrades and always have money for a worse gunpowder. Also keep in mind that different decks of cards are well suited for different characters, so choose carefully together with the other players so that everything works and gives a very strong team.

Scout the surroundings just right
This is a bit of a counterproductive piece of advice, because at the same time I would like to suggest being quite healthy in the surroundings and not combing them. Zomb … f’låt … Ridden is just about everywhere and is happy to come in groups, and the risk is that you thin out ammunition and take unnecessary damage. But like damn. Along the tracks there are much better weapons to use and the most important ones are usually more hidden. To quickly take a look where you as a seasoned gamer know that developers usually hide the thing (behind waterfalls, in outbuildings, in toilets, in remote rooms and so on), will help you in the long run. The council thus becomes something in the style of scouting just the right amount. For much scouting, however, it will cost more than it tastes.

Back 4 Blood

Make sure someone has Toolkit
In a random number of places along the courses, there are Prepper Stashes, locked rooms you can get into with a Toolkit. Make sure that someone in your group always carries one with them, so you will now and then be able to come across extra goodies that facilitate the rigid challenge of staying alive.

Play with different weapons in the group
In addition to the purely tactical advantage of having a really strong character specializing in lots of damage in melee and a cruel sniper in the group who decimates the battlefield in the distance, the ammunition will last much longer if you all have different weapons. It is possible to share bullets between each other and by doing so, the firepower will not risk running out when it is most needed.

Back 4 Blood

Mark everything useful for food
Being able to mark enemies and objects in games is obviously nothing new, but in Back 4 Blood it is literally a vital function. Used it all the time to quickly inform, for example, where dangerous enemies are, where there is life and where to find ammunition. Baking push up on the crosshairs (console version) is much faster than telling about advancing enemies and also illustrates graphically on the other screen where the possible threat or pleasantries are. It also saves time instead of other players rushing around and asking “Where was there a Desert Eagle you said?” while some Ridden gnaws on their skulls and ammunition is wasted unnecessarily.

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