Back 4 Blood – Evaluation mirror: Between dream evaluations and harsh criticism

With Back 4 Blood, the new co-op shooter from Turtle Rock Studios was finally released this week on Steam, Epic and in Xbox Game Pass. In our GameStar test, the unofficial Left 4 Dead heir couldn’t completely convince and revealed a major problem:

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Back 4 Blood im GameStar-Test

In the meantime, many other magazines and websites have also tested Back 4 Blood and are at most disagreed, as the international rating table reveals.

Back 4 Blood in the international ranking

Looking at the exact numbers, Back 4 Blood turns out to be Above-average multiplayer shooter: According to Metacritic the average rating for the PC version (16 reviews) and the PS5 version (10 reviews) is 79 points. Only the Xbox Series X / S version fell slightly with an average of 74 points (19 reviews). At the website Opencritic the Metascore is 78 points after 45 tests considered.

Can »Back 4 Blood« convince the biggest Left 4 Dead fan?

The voices of the testers

The website God Is A Geek gave the highest rating with a 90: The tester celebrates Back 4 Blood as the triumphant return of Turtle Rock Studios, which had to take a lot of criticism for their last co-op shooter Evolve:

Thanks to the AI ​​director, the incredible atmosphere and the great pace, Back 4 Blood is a triumphant return for Turtle Rock.

Gamepur is also enthusiastic: Although the tester criticized the disappointing single player experience and the card system in need of improvement, he still gave it a 90 in the end – he also praised the AI ​​Director.

Overall, Back 4 Blood is a great game with glaring flaws that pull it down a bit. Perhaps over time, Turtle Rock can fix the issues and make the game a perfect game for me. I’m so happy to have a Left 4 Dead sequel that feels up-to-date for this gaming landscape and is really fun.

The US website VGC gives the currently lowest rating: Although the rock solid gunplay and the refreshing card system are praised, thanks to the pointless single player mode and stupid AI comrades it is not enough to get more than 60 in the end:

It seems sneaky to say that a game is only worthwhile if you can find people to distract you from the actual game, but if your group is looking for something ghostly to unwind after an intense night of Warzone or Rainbow Six, Back 4 Blood is ideal .

Our colleagues at GamePro are not completely convinced by Back4Blood either – You can find her test of the console version here.

Now it’s your turn: Have you already played Back 4 Blood? And if so, how do you like it? Worthy Left4Dead legacy or a step backwards? Write us in the comments!

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