Back 4 Blood: How to fix it "necessary patch is available" Game Pass bug

What you have to do if the Game Pass version of Back 4 Blood does not update automatically, you will find out in this tip.

Back 4 Blood wants to revive the old Left-4-Dead-Glory since today. Mainly because the title appears in its standard edition in Game Pass, it should attract many players and there are plenty of partners to be found for co-op sessions.

However, there is currently a bug with the Game Pass version that prevents some from playing the game. A “necessary update” is required. Ultimately, this is also due to the mandatory online connection – the game is “always online”. Fortunately, the bug is fairly easy to fix.

Sometimes when you try to start the Game Pass version of Back 4 Blood, you get an error message that a “necessary update” that you have to download before you can play. The Xbox app on the PC, with which you usually start your Game Pass games, does not bring the game up to date.

To force the update, it helps to take a detour. And this leads over the Microsoft Store.

Press the Windows key, type “Store” in the search bar and click on the Microsoft Store logo. In the app you look for Back 4 Blood. If you have already installed the game, there is a button on the game page for playing – and next to or below it a field for “To update”if the version installed on your computer is not the latest.

To the right of ‘Play’ is the button that stands between you and the fun of the game.

Click on this and the game returns to the Xbox app, where instead of the “Play” button under the packshot of the title, “Update” is offered.

Use the function and the Xbox app will start applying the latest patch. Then you start the game as usual – and preferably with four friends.

It’s a bit of a shame with the online obligation. For example, I just wanted to run through the campaign with bots today and would not have had this forced patch problem offline.

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