Back 4 Blood: List of known issues published – Turtle Rock shows what they’re working on

Turtle Rock knows of many problems that are currently plaguing Back 4 Blood and is working on them. So the spitting will soon come to an end.

Turtle Rocks Back 4 Blood has been available worldwide for a few days. Players who diligently quench their thirst for blood with the survival shooter have noticed more and more bugs and other problems. The developers have now collected these in a list and work through them in order of priority.

These are the problems Turtle Beach struggles with

According to this list, there will be a fix coming soon for Doc, Hoffman, Jim, and Karlee not unlocking in the Solo campaign. The player’s secondary weapon should also no longer be unloaded after switching to any card in the game.

However, many other problems are currently being worked on:

  • Progress in the solo campaign
  • Matchmaking stability
  • Unequal swarm matches
  • Ultrawide monitor support
  • Too many cleaners in the campaign
  • Bug where the primary weapon disappears when re-entering a match
  • Bug where Ultimate Edition cleaner and weapon skins are reset to the default skins
  • Bug that shows usernames with numbers in them after completing a chapter
  • Bug where players respawn with the ADS effect
  • Bug where certain pings are not properly labeled

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Other problems are known to Turtle Beach and are already on the to-do list. These included the size of the text being displayed on TV screens, issues with unlocking certain achievements, and some messy movements. You can find the full and updated list here.

A patch should be available shortly to address some of the bugs and errors listed here. Colleague Alex explained to you in detail in an article why Back 4 Blood hasn’t quite arrived today. The title was released on October 12, 2021 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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