Bad weather: hail and storms hit the Loire hard


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B. Delombre, H. Ayadi France 3 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes @RevelateursFTV, N. Pagnotta – France 3

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Thursday June 23, the city of Roanne, in the Loire, was badly hit by the weather. Storms accompanied by hail have hit the department hard, especially the town of Coteau.

Hail impacts visible everywhere on the roofs and on the windows. The strong storms that hit Roanne (Loire) and its surroundings have done a lot of damage. “We can see on the table the impacts of hailstones”testifies a woman, hasbefore resuming: “The only thing we were waiting for with our three children was when it was going to stop. It was a real deluge.” Showers of only 20 minutes resulted in impressive images.

If the roofs of the houses have been damaged, this is also the case for the cars. Many windows and windshields broke under the weight of hailstones. A school was also crossed by hail, and it had to remain closed. The children stayed at home. “The ceilings are waterlogged so they risk collapsing, we are waiting to see how to secure the ceilings”explains the principal of the school. Roofers are overwhelmed with demand.

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