Bad weather: hailstorms caused costly damage



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J.Bigard, A.Brogat, C.Méral, D.Breysse, L.Pekez, R.Laurentin, France 3 Regions – France 2

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Farmers, contractors and individuals will have to repair the damage caused by hailstorms on Monday, June 20. Some cultures have been completely devastated.

Several hectares of sunflower were shredded, chopped by hailstones. The storm, which fell on Monday June 20, destroyed the harvest. “In any case, culture is lost”, notes a farmer. In the Hautes-Pyrénées, greenhouses were destroyed. “There are approximately between 20 and 25% of tiles that are broken”explains a market gardener, whose damage is significant. “In two minutes, it’s three, four months of work destroyed”testifies a market gardener, moved.

A Bordeaux winegrower, who was not insured, has 70% of his vines affected by hail. “We will lose hundreds of thousands of euros in turnover, due to the loss of grapes”, assures Pierre Braquessac, winegrower. In the Southwest, the damage is immense. Crops, businesses, homes, vehicles… everything was devastated. A dozen cars are riddled with impacts at a garage. “Usually, it’s two centimeters in diameter, here it’s the equivalent of a petanque ball”notes Kader Boucetta, mechanic.

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