Bad weather: the Southwest devastated by hail



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Thunderstorms crossed the Southwest on the night of Monday 20 to Tuesday 21 June. From the Pyrenees to the Charente, homes, crops and cars were damaged.

A violent storm hit Ribérac (Gironde) on the night of Monday June 20 to Tuesday June 21. Many cars have dented windshields or bodywork. The inhabitants were surprised by this rapid and violent phenomenon. “We have never seen that, even in 1999 when there was the storm”, testifies one of them. Ragged roof, gutted ceiling: the hailstones, whose size was impressive, damaged houses.

From the Pyrenees to the Charente, the South-West quarter was affected by these bad weather. In La Barde (Charente-Maritime), firefighters secure the roofs. “We ended up with more than 120 interventions, 150 firefighters engaged throughout the night”, says Nicolas Ruiz, from the SDIS Charente-Maritime. Crops have also suffered. In the Dordogne, a farmer lost all of his production. “There, we can’t get anything out of a plot like that”, he regrets. The mayors of several cities are asking for recognition in a state of natural disaster.

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