Baeza appears as a replacement for Aránguiz in the national team

A crucial commitment is the one that will have this Thursday night the Chilean Selection in the city of Barranquilla. Encounter for which the national cast urgently needs to add the three units to shorten the distance with the teams that are in qualifying positions for the next World Cup event.

Instance by which Martin Lasarte has a sensitive low in the middle of the court. According to the information that has been delivered regarding the selection reports, Charles Aránguiz I would not be heading into this compromise.

The midfielder would remain self-conscious with a muscular overload that would leave him out of the starting eleven, despite the fact that from the coaching staff they will wait until the last moment for the presence of Aránguiz in the midfield.

However, given this possibility and doubt that the coach of the Chilean National Team has, he would give the possibility to Claudio baeza to be from the game in Barranquilla to face Colombia. Aránguiz is not completely ruled out, given that he would go to the substitute bench.

Charles Aránguiz joins the loss of Eduardo Vargas placeholder image that he will not be in this commitment as a result of the accumulation of yellows, waiting for him to be able to work on a speedy recovery to have the midfielder at least for the second half.

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