Banco Macro, present at Open House Buenos Aires

On Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December Open House will be held in person again. On November 27, there will be 4 online tours

On Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 December it will be held in person again Open House, the most important festival of architecture and urbanism in the world.

In its ninth edition, and according to the health context, it will open the doors of more than 20 spaces and buildings in the city. Each of them has a great architectural, cultural and heritage value. Thus the public will be able to rediscover the architecture and urbanism of Buenos Aires. Among these spaces, the possibility of visiting the Macro Tower, which, for the first time, since its opening in 2018, will offer the public to visit its facilities.

Those who wish to participate in this activity must register in the online via evenbrite: o en to be able to enter each place in an organized and careful way.

Those interested in visiting Macro Tower must register through the following link:

Open House offers a new look on the city, inviting those who want to know it from a different way to share tours in an event that proposes an original meeting space with innovative and accessible activities for everyone.

This action, which is carried out in the most important cities of the world (New York, Londres, Oslo, Milan, Zurich, Dublin, Lisboa, Tel Aviv, etc.), offers the possibility of knowing more deeply emblematic spaces of Buenos Aires, guided by a team of volunteers, by some of the architects who designed those spaces or by the owners themselves, always with free admission. To know the complete list, click here.

The organizers of the 2021 edition assure: “This year we celebrate the ninth edition of Open House Buenos Aires; it is a different year, of transition between the isolation experienced in 2020 due to COVID-19, in which we proposed to the public an Open House on Screen to enjoy from the comfort of their homes, and a promising 2022 in which we hope to be able to enjoy the traditional Open House Buenos Aires again. That is why we decided to return to the presence, but in a careful way. We will visit spaces that allow us a social distance and adequate ventilation. We will take the opportunity to value those public and / or private spaces for public use, and we will promote urban routes on foot and by bicycle. In this way, Open House 2021 seeks to focus on the urban, understanding the city of Buenos Aires as the home that we all have in common “.

On Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 December Open House will be held in person again

9 Open House Presencial

This year it was necessary to limit the spaces to just over 20 and a special focus was made on wide and open areas to comply with social distancing and current protocols.

Along the same lines, in this edition, visitors must register online through evenbrite or at to be able to enter each space in an organized and careful way.

Information on each building, its address, day and time when they will be open to the public can be found on the web. All spaces require prior registration and they will have limited quota according to protocols. In all cases it will be essential to present the DNI.

Some of the outstanding spaces and buildings of the 9 OPEN HOUSE: Macro Tower, Casa Bolívar, Tesla Patricios II Building, Mueblería Díaz – Villa on Av. 9 de Julio, Nicolás Avellaneda Ferry Bridge, Chacarita Cemetery – Sixth Pantheon, Former Veritas Building, Aguas Corrientes Palace, Tomás Adolfo Ducó Stadium (soccer field) Huracán), New Government House of the City, Redevelopment of Barrio Rodrigo Bueno and Barrio 20, Work and Fun Building, Barrio Mujica (former Villa 31), Recorre BA – History and Architecture of Corrientes Street, among others.

The November 27, in addition, as a preview, but also to give continuity to the virtual format, there will be 4 online tours through the youtube channel of OPEN HOUSE BUENOS AIRES: Casa de Encuentros San Francisco Coll, Casa Cubo (a small PH of classic typology whose measures -7x7x7- give the name to this project by Michatek Skarstad Arqs.), Accenture Building (the transformation of a pre-existing industrial building through contemporary language ) and House in Villa Devoto.

La Torre Macro, present at Open House Buenos Aires

La Torre Macro, present at Open House Buenos Aires

Complementary activities:

Open Bici proposes guided tours with special themes that range from architecture to design, through history, the urban fabric and literature. OPENBICI provides a view from another scale, joining points on the bicycle map. Organized by: LOOP • BICIS + ARQ + BA.

Open Muro focuses on urban art, to revalue and recover the walls of the city, while strengthening the links between the community and urban artists. During the event, the public will be able to observe and participate in different artistic interventions, being part of the creative process together with the artists.

Headquarters: Parque de los Patricios

Urban Art Exhibition: Pasaje Rondeau 3221

Urban Mural on November 24, 2159. Plastic artist Daniel Taccone

Open Photo is a photography contest that is carried out with the support of Wikimedia Argentina. The selection of the photographs for this contest will be in charge of Bruto Studio, who will contemplate a first pre-selection stage and a final selection stage together with those responsible for OPEN FOTO, OPEN HOUSE BS. AS and WIKIMEDIA ARGENTINA.

Walk Buenos Aires. The walks invite you to explore the city and discover it in a different way. The experience on foot allows us to distinguish those small details that, otherwise, many times, we do not perceive. Innovative itineraries, outside the conventional circuits, invite participants to learn about the architecture, culture and history of Buenos Aires.

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