Bandai Namco launches the first trailer for Dragon Ball: the Breakers, an online video game coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch

A new Dragon Ball video game released as an official Bandai Namco product is coming to two major digital platforms. The game will be online and can be enjoyed in multiplayer or individual mode. In addition, you can be an antagonist or a survivor. Know all the details of this interesting development for entertainment.

First of all, as reported Nintendo Life, the game will have a first version as a closed beta for Steam between December 4 and 5. Later, with no known date, it will arrive on the Nintendo Switch consoles. Although the specific day is not known, it is expected to arrive sometime in the first quarter of 2022; perhaps along with the arrival of the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers gameplay

The gameplay of this Bandai Namco video game is really interesting and has a striking resemblance to popular survival games like Fall Guys or Among Us. However, it was developed under the style of martial arts and powers of Dragon Ball.

The video game has the peculiarity that the survivors are ordinary humans, like you. Then, you will be able to live the experience of terror that means the fact that a new enemy arrives to threaten the peace of the Earth.

In this way, without powers you will have to try to survive and escape Frieza, Cell or Majin Buu: the three villains that will appear in this video game. These antagonists will be able to develop their different abilities known in the three sagas of Dragon Ball Z.

The rest of the characters are seven, and only Oolong and Bulma are known. The others are designs similar to a mix between Gohan and Big Goten. As a player you can choose if you will be a villain or a survivor.

If you choose villain, your objective will be to exterminate all the survivors. While if you select the common human, your purpose will be to escape the battlefield by getting some keys that will activate a kind of time machine.

Learn the details in this explanatory review made by the same Bandai Namco YouTube account.

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