Bangladesh: an Algerian builds a hospital for the Rohingyas

Nearly 400,000 Rohingya refugees have had to go to Bangladesh since August 2017 to flee the violence affecting Myanmar (Burma). In their country, this Muslim minority suffers discrimination and violence.

However, in a very short time, these Rohingya Muslims will be able to enjoy the construction of a new hospital. Indeed, an Algerian doctor based in the United States of America has initiated the construction of hospitals for the Muslims of the region, the Rohingyas.

Concretely, the Algerian named Yassine Abdeldjebbar is collaborating, with some of his colleagues in the profession, in the establishment of a charity hospital for Rohingya Muslims. The doctor has also announced this project via a campaign to collect donations launched on his personal account on social networks.

Doctor Yacine Abdeldjebar, born in 1991 and from the town of Takhmaret located in the wilaya of Tiaret, ended up becoming a hero in spite of himself. In the middle of Ramadan 2019, this brave doctor, surrounded by a few fellow volunteers, gave up his daily life to undertake a fabulous trip to Bangladesh, to the refugee camp of the Rohingya minority settled in Myanmar (ex-Burma). “However, I only did my duty as a doctor,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

You should know that this initiative launched by this doctor is the first of its kind. In other words, this approach is the first undertaken to help Muslims who find themselves in refugee camps in Burma. In addition, Yassine is believed to be the first Algerian doctor to set foot in the Rohingya Muslim refugee camps in 2019.

Since this visit, the Algerian doctor has volunteered to treat and help the refugees on the spot. Moreover, he endeavored to alleviate the difficult conditions of their lives. And this is also where the idea of ​​building the hospital in question came from.

Another ambitious project for his country

Indeed, the creation of a hospital constitutes, according to Yassine, the best solution to help these people. Given the living conditions in this region, in Burma, this Algerian felt that a place of care will be particularly useful. Thus, he launched a donation campaign, hoping that benefactors around the world would mobilize to raise the appropriate amount.

As such, it is important to specify that any contribution to the implementation of this project in the field represents a lasting act of charity. Finally, the Algerian doctor announced another project which he plans to materialize soon. Indeed, through his Instagram account, he expressed his desire to create a hospital in Algeria, his country. And this, after the finalization of his charity project in Burma.

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