Banksy gets angry and calls to loot a luxury store on Instagram

It is a provocative call that the artist Banksy has just launched on Instagram. The graffiti artist has indeed pushed a rant against the ready-to-wear company Guess. The company was indeed offering a new collection in its London store using the famous “Flower Thrower” graffiti.

Banksy: “Go steal their clothes”

This does not please Banksy at all, who let go, and took his 11.5 million followers to witness: “Call to all shoplifters – please meet at The Guess in Regent Street. Guess blithely uses one of my works without my consent. So it seems normal to me to do like them and steal their clothes. »

Guess was however happy to launch its collection in collaboration with Brandalised, a license, which has made it its specialty to market collectibles adapted from graffiti, at affordable prices. The two companies rejoiced: “Banksy’s graffiti has had a phenomenal influence that resonates throughout popular culture. This new capsule collection with Brandalised is a way for fashion to show its gratitude.”

But these praises are far from having calmed Banksy as we have just seen. Guess has not commented on this publication, but the window of the store which presented the work is no longer visible. It must be said that a dispute regularly opposes Banksy to certain companies wishing to use his works.

As reminded Fortune, the graffiti artist decided to register trademarks to protect his creations and generate income. However, various plaintiffs have in the past attempted to initiate nullity actions against these deposits.

They argue that Banksy should use the copyright process, like any artist. The latter refuses, because he would have to reveal his identity, which remains a mystery to this day. He also believes that copyright “is for losers”.

When Banksy tries NFTs

Note that Banksy recently found another way to generate income on his creations. Last August, he decided to market his works via an innovative process. It was therefore necessary to buy an NFT on the Magic Eden platform, for around 1000 dollars.

This token was in fact only a gateway to physical works. Once the “Banksy Radar Rats” NFTs were virtually “burned” via the “burn” action, it was possible to enter their address to receive one of the graffiti artist’s creations.


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