Banning 6G, the next fight for the city of Grenoble?

Opposed to 5G, the mayor of Grenoble now has 6G in his sights. But the possibilities for the city councilor to enact moratoriums are very limited, because these subjects are not directly within his competence.

After the moratorium on 5G, will the city of Grenoble enact a moratorium on 6G, which will not arrive in France for ten years? The mayor of the town, Éric Piolle, expresses in any case a strong reluctance to the prospect of seeing this future generation of mobile telephony arrive, according to comments reported by June 29.

After June 30, a new challenge will arise before us, that of 6G, which we are told will be rapidly implemented by 2030. “, remarked the councilor labeled Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV). ” The stakes are too high for our lives, our health, especially mental health, for the climate and for our geopolitical security. »

Today, 6G is a barely in its infancy technology, the contours of which are still very vague. Its central promise is to boost throughput even further (Samsung boasted a 775MB/s transfer in a test), but signal range is proving to be one of the main hurdles, due to the specs specific to the frequencies responsible for carrying the data.

As for the uses, it is still a field to be invested. Manufacturers are beginning to imagine applications (digital replica, hologram, extended immersive reality, etc.). Several major industrial and research powers – United States, China, Japan, European Union, but also France – are working to be there and to influence the definition of the standard.

Hostility displayed against 6G, after opposition to 5G

The hostility of the city of Grenoble and its mayor to the arrival of 6G is part of a context of distrust of wireless technologies, which are based on the use of waves to convey communications. Several town halls had called for a moratorium on 5G before the effective start of deployment by the four national operators, from the end of 2020.

Among the notable communes involved in this movement were Besançon, Blois, Bordeaux, Bourg-en-Bresse, Grenoble, Lyon, Marseille, Paris 12th, Poitiers, Pointe-à-Pitre, Strasbourg, Tours and Villeurbanne. In the case of Lille, this had given rise to an intervention by Cédric O, then Secretary of State for Digital, to criticize the decision of its mayor, Martine Aubry.

The work of the National Frequency Agency (Anfr), but also of the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (Anses), has not shown any obvious risks for health, including on future 5G frequencies. L’analysis of the scientific literature available internationally either.

The health issue comes up regularly with each new generation of mobile telephony. // Source: Melvyn Dadure for Numerama

That said, the authorities have taken the measure of the mistrust that exists about these technologies. A promise has therefore been made to increase controls both at the level of smartphones and relay antennas, while research is invited to continue its work to complete the studies available and to look into frequencies that have been little analyzed until now.

The opposition of several mayors, classified on the left (a forum had been published in 2020, but based on questionable arguments), therefore sometimes gave rise to administrative acts, such as the moratorium in Lille. Grenoble also had issued a decree decreeing a moratorium on 5G. Text which was examined on June 30 by the administrative court – hence the deadline cited by Éric Piolle.

And precisely, the measure taken by Éric Piolle is in bad shape. As pointed it out the lawyer Alexandre Archambault, specialist in networks, the public rapporteur concluded on the cancellation of this moratorium on 5G in Grenoble. The city did not want to be represented, pointed out The Liberated Dauphine. However, the court has yet to render its judgment.

Beyond the accuracy of the criticisms that can be made against the airwaves (the hostility encountered today by 5G is the same suffered in its time by 3G and 4G and which 6G will certainly face in a few years ), this case illustrates, however, the reduced room for maneuver of mayors on 5G. Because this subject is not directly within his jurisdiction.

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Source: Melvyn Dadure for Numerama

Source: Numerama

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