Barbara Becker – She now has a manatee

During this water action, SHE got teary-eyed.

Special moments for Barbara Becker (56). In her adopted home of Miami, a manatee regularly shows up at the dock in front of her house.

Boris ex-wife to BILD: “The animals are so graceful and breathe so sweetly. This one comes to me almost every week, I’m always very touched.”

The animals are a Florida landmark

Barbara Becker’s cool manatee

Photo: barbarabackersworld/Instagram

On Instagram, she shows several photos and videos of her “new friend”. Becker splashes water on her animal visit to refresh herself. Her: “The manatee loves this little shower.”

You can see that. At least for this sea creature, the waterskin seems like a massage device. The manatee calmly lets the water jet massage its stomach and snout, even keeping extra still.

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The animals are a Florida state landmark. Barbara Becker moved to Miami in the USA in 2000 after separating from Boris Becker (55). The two married from 1993 to 2001.

However, your ex will have to do without such animal moments for a while. He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for bankruptcy fraud in May and is currently being held in Huntercombe Prison near London.

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