"Barbie": Margot Robbie felt "humiliated" after the film’s stolen set photos

The actress, heroine of the film about the famous doll, had a hard time shooting the film. She was shocked by the irruption of hundreds of fans and paparazzi.

Last June, social networks went up in flames when they discovered stolen set photos of the new film Barbie, where Margot Robbie embodies the famous doll alongside Ryan Gosling (Ken). The colorful outfits of the characters, faithful to the figurines of the 1980s and 1990s, had charmed Internet users.

Margot Robbie experienced this moment less well than the fans, she revealed on the set of Jimmy Fallon’s talk show on Tuesday, when he showed her a photo from the set: “I can’t tell you at how humiliated we felt. We looked like we were having fun and having a good time, but we were dying. We were dying. For me, it was the most humbling moment of my life.”

The actress did not expect social networks to take up so many of these stolen photos.

“We had scenes to shoot on location in Los Angeles. I knew there would be paparazzi, and it would be crowded, because of our garish outfits, but not as much. It was madness There were a hundred people watching us.”

Different incarnations of Ken and Barbie

Margot Robbie had promised in 2020 in the columns of HollywoodReporter that Barbie would be nothing like what one would expect. “We like things that go a little out of the frame,” she said. “Our goal is that no matter what you’re thinking, we’ll give you something completely different. The stuff you never expected.”

We do not know the story of the film Barbiewhich should be inspired by Truman Show, according to some American media. We also know that Ken and Barbie will be chased by the CEO of Mattel (will ferrell), and that several stars (Issa Rae, Simu Liu) will play different incarnations of Barbie and Ken. Barbie is directed by Greta Gerwig (lady bird, The Daughters of Doctor March). Release scheduled for July 19, 2023 in France.

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