Barby Franco answered the question that many asked about her pregnancy

In the middle of her pregnancy, Barbie Franco He took the opportunity to talk to his Instagram followers. By this means, she had a clash with a user who questioned the way the vedette has to live the gestation. True to form, she answered her truthfully.

“Why do celebrities naturalize pregnancy as something super easy when it’s not all rosy?” they asked from the stories to Barbie Franco, who answered from the heart: “In my case, I am having a very, very good time. I dont know, maybe it was so desired that I don’t see the ugly part or nothing ugly has happened to me yet, I don’t know”.

Barby answered questions from fans. Source: (Instagram)

In addition to answering that user’s question, Barbie Franco had a good time in the platform in order to communicate with their fans. There, she talked about his life and what she will do when her baby is born. “Obviously I’m going to show her,” said Barby happily, who remarked that she wants to show her daughter to her followers because she has “1.5 million virtual uncles.”.

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