Barby Silenzi revealed how her relationship with El Polaco is

As reported by Adrián Pallares in the “Partners of the show” program, barby silenzi faces a strong crisis with El Polaco after three years of relationship.

Present in “LAM” barby silenzi He confessed that together with El Polaco they are going through a strange moment in their relationship: “We cannot say that we are together but neither are we separated. We have a lot of love for each other, for me it is my great love. The relationship is tense today, we should sit down and talk and see what happens with this love”said the dancer.

For its part, barby silenzi He made it clear that one of the main reasons why they decided to distance themselves is work: “He has many work commitments, he travels a lot, he is very focused on that. I am also on my own, with the girls. I have claims, he has others.

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