Barça: things are heating up for Koeman, two names for his succession

In the eye of the storm for several weeks, Ronald Koeman is on a jectable seat at FC Barcelona. While the Dutch coach uses his last cartridges, the Catalan club has ticked the names of two former members of the house to possibly take over.


Koeman is in the Barcelona hot seat.

Ronald Koeman and FC Barcelona, ​​the love affair should not last beyond the current season. It might even end sooner than expected. After a promising first exercise in the game, failing to have obtained satisfactory results, the Dutch coach seems to have lost ground in recent weeks.

Koeman loses ground

Indeed, the Catalan club enchances more than average services. Between the enormous scrape suffered against Bayern Munich (0-3), in the Champions League, and the three draws in five La Liga games against Bilbao (1-1), Granada (1-1) and Cadiz (0- 0), the results are clearly not sufficient. In addition to these poor performances, the content is no longer at the rendezvous with the Batavian manager, who has not hesitated to express his annoyance in recent days.

It started with a frontal attack on Joan Laporta. If the Blaugrana president did not hold it against him publicly, the exit made them cringe, especially as the former defender did not hesitate to show his exasperation at many press conferences, claiming that he was difficult for him to do better given the financial situation of the club, moreover after the loss of Lionel Messi this summer.

Oscar Garcia and Xavi targets

So many reasons for the boss of Bara to think about an early departure of the European champion 1992. Two names are also mentioned to possibly take his succession. RMC claims that his ex-partner at Camp Nou, Oscar Garcia, has been circulating in Catalonia in recent hours. The Catalan manager, who arrived in Reims early in the summer to replace David Guion, has never hidden his desire to return home in the near future.

But the hottest trail may well lead to Qatar, where Xavi, under contract with Al Sadd, is wisely awaiting his turn. According to Mundo Deportivo, the four-time Champions League winner with Barcelona is longed for by Laporta, who wants to give him the job as soon as possible. The 2010 world champion, who is unanimous internally, would feel ready to take the plunge, he who was initially reluctant due to his inexperience at the highest level. Case to follow.

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