Barti celebrates the moment of Colo Colo: "Now the teams respect him and do not attack him"

Colo Colo is preparing to face Deportes Antofagasta in the Monumental where he hopes to maintain the streak that they have with one foot in the final of the Chile Cup and in second place in the National Championship. He comes from beating Unión Española 4-0 in one of his best performances of the year. Situation that was celebrated by the fans and one of the greatest idols in the club’s history.

For Marcelo Pablo Barticciotto, the Cacique’s performance rose considerably, a situation that forces rivals to take precautions and assume a different attitude when going out onto the pitch.

“In the past Championship, you didn’t win these games, and even less so, with this forcefulness. The team is confident, oiled, with good performance, the players at their peak of performance and the teams now respect it and do not attack it “, said Barti on Radio Cooperativa.

For the current radio and television commentator, there are formulas to confront the popular cast, but the dawn of time makes any approach difficult. “I believe that Colo Colo must be attacked to beat him, taking due precautions, but you can see that the team is confident, going through a good time and it is difficult to beat him”, Finalized the Seven of the People.

For now, Colo Colo prepares the game against Los Pumas with the aim of achieving a victory that allows him to be at least 24 hours at the top of the standings and hope that Unión La Calera yield points to Universidad de Chile to be leader exclusive to the tournament.

Marcelo Barticciotto referred to the Cacique’s moment | Photo: archive

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