Barti happy for the 50 thousand members: “Colo Colo deserves this and much more”

Marcelo Barticciotto is one of the greatest idols in the history of Colo Colo. Not only because of what he delivered on the court, where he was a spectacular player and raised the Copa Libertadores de América in 1991, also because of his innumerable expressions of love for the club and for being the voice of the members in the most difficult moments of the institution.

For this reason, Barti is not indifferent to the milestone of the Social and Sports Club reaching over 50 thousand members a day. Given that For years he has expressed the desire to have a representative social base that allows him to have a more powerful voice before Black and White..

“What recently seemed like a dream is now a reality. The Colo-Colo Social and Sports Club has more than 50,000 members a day! Thanks to all the Colocolino people because together we make Arellano’s dream come true. WE ARE 50 THOUSAND! WE ARE CLUB! AND WE GO FOR MORE”, published the official social networks of the CSD. Finding answers in the fans, who immediately remembered the idol.

I remember when I listened to Marcelo Barticciotto say that this would be a dream. here we are, adding more every day and dreaming of continuing to make our Club bigger. How nice it is to be from Colo Colo “wrote the tweeter Carlos Almonacid recalling the countless campaigns led by the seven of the people.

“Colo-Colo deserves this and much more, regardless of how the team is doing, we are very great, and greatness is also demonstrated with this, now the social club is obliged to fulfill the people, endure the club and its people, we go for plus”, Barti replied.

Barti interacting with the fans | Photo: Capture

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