Barticciotto analyzed the 10 minutes of Christian Santos in Colo Colo

The great event of Colo Colo’s 2-1 triumph over Palestino for the 2021 National Championship was the debut of Christian Santos, who entered the field of the Municipal Stadium in La Cisterna for the last 10 minutes.

The Venezuelan German entered for Iván Morales and could do little in 10 minutes. He looked for a couple of balls in depth and what he had on top won everything. Of course, he was in the worst moment of the Cacique on the court.

One who was in the stadium was Marcelo Pablo Barticciotto and he had the difficult mission of analyzing the time Christian Santos was on the pitch, all through his radio house, Radio Cooperativa.

“One as a footballer when he enters a moment when your team does not have the ball, is playing badly, has no depth, has no game and we combine all those situations, it seems to me that Santos entered at that moment of the game when he was leaning towards him. Colo Colo area “, he expressed.

Christian Santos and his debut in Colo Colo

To finish, he briefly pointed out Santos’ performance on the court. “Unfortunately he had to run and did not participate much in the game”, sentenced one of the great idols of Colo Colo.

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