Barticciotto believes that it will cost Zaldivia to be a starter again

The performance of Colo Colo is constantly growing with Gustavo Quinteros and there are several players who have increased their performance due to the trust placed in them, as is the case of Emiliano Amor.

But there are also other cases of players who waited for an opportunity for ABC reasons for not releasing the title, as happened with Maximiliano Falcón, who entered due to the injury of Matías Zaldivia.

Marcelo Barticciotto spoke of this duo and how difficult it will be for Zaldivia to return to ownership. In Al Aire Libre de Radio Cooperativa the colocolino idol gave his point of view.

“Beyond the consideration that the coach has and how important Zaldivia is for Quinteros, it will be difficult for him to regain his position. Both Falcón and Amor are doing well, one when he sees a pair of defenders who coordinate and defend well, that the team works, it will be difficult for Zaldivia “, he detailed.

Matías Zaldivia and his injury

Finally he added that, “It depends a lot on how the coach finds him as well, because suddenly he thinks he is the definitive starter, but it seems to me that Falcón is gaining ownership little by little. As the games go by, he becomes more established.”

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