Barticciotto demands the title from Colo Colo

After conquering the Chile Cup in the fans of Colo Colo the desire to continue adding titles increased and now, they focus on what is the National Championship where they are pointers and the former champion of the Copa Libertadores and idol of the club, Marcelo Pablo Barticciotto assured that the team is to be champion of the tournament.

“It seems to me that he has enough staff and equipment to fight for the Championship. how you are doing it and how you have shown it. Apparently he believes that no, that he needs more, he said it the other time that he needs senior players, perhaps he wants to make sure because he deems it convenient that that way he will be able to be champion. I don’t share that much, “Barticciotto said on Cooperativa radio.

“What’s more, this team must be required to be champion. What it has shown in this first round and up to this moment, it has done very well, being in Colo Colo as the team is playing is to demand that it be champion, it can calmly do so“added a sure idol.

The former coach of the Albos, highlighted the work that Gustavo Quinteros is doing with the youth of the team.

“Here there is a huge merit of the coach who trusted them, puts them on and keeps them. There is also a huge merit of footballers, here the shirt can be handed to you once, but to continue you have to have performance and the boys have had it. Then there is an issue of how the team works. Several things are coming together, the team is working well, they are confident, the team wins, it is much easier to put them on and gain confidence“, maintained a convinced Barticciotto.

Finally, he stated that “a lot of factors have come together that lead you to this present and welcome to. They are guys who have many conditions, it will do them good to continue playing and for the team to function well. The coach beyond all adversities, of everything that happened in the last championship, is sweet, at a time that he has to take advantage of. There are times when the technicians go through these moments, today they make the change, the one who changes the team improves and ends up scoring the goal. They are giving Colo Colo all of them and you have to take advantage of them. ”

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