Barticciotto hits the table for attacks on immigrants in Iquique

Regrettable is the news that comes from the north of the country, con attacks on immigrants by a group of people in Iquique, which ended with the burning and destruction of the little and nothing of the who came to Chile in search of a better future for themselves and their children.

One who could not remain silent in all this was Marcelo Pablo Barticciotto, who knows firsthand what it is like to arrive in our country in search of better life options, arriving in Chile as a teenager to wear the Colo Colo shirt already ago. several years.

On his Twitter account, the 7th of the town published “Forbidden Forget !!! Our great-great-grandparents, great-grandparents, grandparents, parents and many of us were immigrants many times, and the land belongs to everyone, for a more just world, less irrational and above all, more humane !!! ”.

This message brought with it the signs of support towards the colocolino idol, with multiple responses congratulating him for speaking out in a difficult humanitarian moment for our country.

Marcelo Barticciotto’s message on his personal Twitter. | Photo: Capture.

A sample of the connection that Marcelo Barticciotto has with Chile, a piece of land where he came looking for an opportunity in football and where he ended up being one of the greatest idols of the most popular and greatest club of all.

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