Barticciotto values ​​Leo Gil’s contribution as a creative midfielder and has no hesitation in stating that “he has been essential in recent games”


The idol of the Cacique analyzed the present of the midfielder and what he has contributed in the midfield of Gustavo Quinteros. “I think he is getting more comfortable,” he said.

Gil assisted Lucero for Colo Colo's 1-0 victory over Curicó Unido.
© ONE Agency.Gil assisted Lucero for Colo Colo’s 1-0 victory over Curicó Unido.

Leonardo Gil has had to take on a new role in Colo Colo’s midfield due to the suspension of Gabriel Costa, who was unable to play against Universidad Católica and Curicó Unido due to being suspended, forcing Colo to position himself a few meters higher in midfield .

In singles in recent duels, the Argentine nationalized Chilean has been the creative midfielder of the team, seeking to give that last pass that feeds the forwards to make them more comfortable in front of the goal.

This is how it was seen at least in the triumph over the curicanos in La Granja, where he connected brilliantly with Juan Martín Lucero so that the Cat opened the account early for the Cacique.

One who analyzed this new role of Gil in the team was Marcelo Barticciotto, who as a commentator on ESPN stated that “andI don’t think Gil has been essential for these games, especially the Cup ones. What happens is that when he receives an outline he becomes dangerous behind the back of the opposing central midfielders”.

In this sense, the white idol maintained that “he does not know how to play on his back, even he does not even know how to return a pass or support himself because he does not feel the position, but when he receives profiling he has a lot of ability to play and I think he is feeling more comfortable”.

Before maybe he didn’t like it so much now when he sees that he has participation and needs a player in front of the central midfielders, he feels important too and Gil has been fundamental in the last part for the team to work”, he concluded.

It will be necessary to see the place in the court that Gil occupies now that Gabi Costa will return from his suspension. The truth is Colo is a kind of reliable wild card for Quinteros when it comes to building the midfield.

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