Barti’s beautiful reception to the fans at the Monumental Stadium

This Wednesday Colo Colo hit first and overwhelmed Unión Española 4-0 at the Monumental Stadium, in the framework of the first leg semifinal of the Chile Cup 2021. The annotations were the work of Iván Morales in duplicate, Gabriel Costa and Emiliano Amor.

In addition to the great result, the best news of this commitment is that after 525 days, the Albos fans returned to step on our beloved Ruca. About 4.500 colocolinos witnessed the resounding win against the Hispanic team.

In the run-up to this meeting, Pedrero’s fans were welcomed through Pedrero’s loudspeakers. The person in charge was Marcelo Barticciotto, who had nice words to receive our people.

In the first instance, the 7th of the town stated: “Good afternoon, we greet and welcome home all the fans who accompany us. Thank you for being here, today and always. You can’t imagine how much we miss you. Nothing, nothing, but nothing that happens here is the same without you supporting from the stands. We return to La Ruca “.

To continue, he related that “We have had very difficult times, which felt even harder without the passion for the jersey that infects us and pushes us to always give our best. Many of us have lost loved ones as a result of the pandemic. We will not hear their voices, but we know that they will be encouraging from wherever they are because this love is eternal “.

Finishing, the idol of Popular called to continue taking care of himself. “In our house there is no one left over, that’s why we ask you to take care of yourself and your loved ones. To the father who soaked you in white forever, to the grandfather who transferred your passion, to the brother who hugged you when you celebrated so many triumphs, to your mother who consoled you in defeat, and to your son or daughter who takes you by the hand and he looks at you with admiration every time he accompanies you to the stadium. Take care of yourself and of us all, because there is only one champion and he is the Colo Colo fan “, ended.

Check out the emotional words of the Cacique’s idol:

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