Basaure: “For me, Colo Colo is the team that goes straight to the title”

The Superclásico 190 of Chilean football played was again white, something that is already a constant for Colo Colo in these years, since it will notably reach nine seasons without falls against the University of Chile.

With so many by Marcos Bolados, an own goal by Ramón Arias and another defining goal by Ignacio Jara when the game was leaving, those led by Gustavo Quinteros continued to enforce history in this kind of duels, achieving in passing three gold units that allow him to escape at the top of the tournament from his direct rivals.

One who analyzed what the Alba victory was was Cristián Basaure, who stated on Radio La Clave that “The vision I have for a long time of Colo Colo does not change me. I see it very solid, for me it is the team that goes straight to the title.”

“In all the lines there are variants: one comes out, another enters and the team works. There are very high returns, collectively it knows what it plays and has variants in relation to that, it has a fixed tactic in favor, stopped ball … a team with many resources and that what radiates is conviction “added the former soccer player.

It is that same line, the commentator argued that “Colo Colo is a team that radiates conviction, it is difficult to get off. It has passed several fences and several games where one says, uh! … I remember O’Higgins, a screwed up game. Miguel Ramírez’s team made it very difficult and He ended up winning it. “

Colo Colo took ten lengths ahead of the U after winning Superclásico 190. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

“He has had difficult starts and he responds, and in the statistics he lost only one of the last 21 games, which was against Cobresal. Did you get used to winning? That’s it. When the head is that strong, it is difficult for a team to decline” , Basa opined.

To close, the communicator concluded that “Later it can happen, tie a game, not do well in the first half, but it seems to me that Colo Colo is on his way to the title.”

Now the albos They will face Ñublense for the date 23 next Thursday, September 30 from 6:30 p.m. at the Monumental, in what will be a more than special rematch for the Cacique thinking about the first round match of the season.

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