Batman: Michael Keaton shares the reasons for his return

Michael Keaton is donning the Batman costume in two upcoming DC Comics movies! But why accept? The actor confides in Variety.

Image 1: Batman: Michael Keaton shares the reasons for his return
Michael Keaton confides in the reasons for his return – Credit: Warner Bros.

For several years, Batman has been a major superhero with the public. Lately, fans discovered Robert Pattinson’s iteration in The Batman who is entitled to follow. Without forgetting that many are scrambling to embody it since Keanu Reeves shares this desire. Among the performers, Ben Affleck puts on the costume just like Michael Keaton. Several decades after Tim Burton’s films, the actor is back in The Flash and Batgirl. But why such a return? The main interested party reveals the reasons for this at Variety.

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Michael Keaton challenged himself

With the multiverse, nothing prevents the meeting between the Batman of Ben Affleck and that of Michael Keaton. years later Batman and Batman: The Challenge by Tim Burton, the actor is back in The Flash then Batgirl. But why such a desire to embody this character again? Asked by Variety, Michael Keaton reveals the specific reasons of such a comeback which makes the fans jump for joy.

I was curious to know what it would look like after so many years. I was not only interested in being part of it, of course, but also curious, strangely, socially. All of this is huge. They have their own world. So I like to look at it from the outside and say to myself: Damn it ! “. I know people don’t believe me but I’ve never seen a full version of any of these movies.

And I’m not saying that I don’t watch them because I’m more cultured. Believe me, that’s not it! It’s just that I don’t watch much. I start, then I think it’s great and I go on for three episodes, but I have stuff to do! So I thought, why not? It’s cool to participate and whether I can do it.

Michael Keaton

You would have understood it, Michael Keaton has challenged himself to put on the costume again after all this time. Fans will find out the result in The Flash and Batgirlthe first in June 2023 and the second the same year but without a precise date.

Source : WGTC

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