Battlefield 2042: All the New Features of Update 1.2

DICE is still announcing changes and new features for its Battlefield 2042 on consoles and PC. Patch 1.2 changes various things related to specialists, auto-aim, weapons… in addition to a lot of fixes.

Battlefield 2042 has yet to be killed by EA, and surprise, it’s even more popular than Halo Infinite thanks to renewed interest from gamers.

What’s New in Battlefield 2042 Update 1.2

DICE will deploy Battlefield 2042 update 1.2 tomorrow, Tuesday August 2, 2022, but we already know its content. We start with the map redesign Kaleidoscope.

A new version of Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope has been overhauled to provide an improved gameplay flow with new cover elements, new flag positions, terrain elevations and visual improvements to several map locations. The shelters are presented in the form of new elements of scenery, but also of relief on the ground, which obscure the lines of sight and facilitate the movements of the infantry. More importantly, these new elements bring more tactical destruction, allowing the map to evolve throughout the duration of the round and providing new options for attackers and defenders when playing in key areas.

Additionally, we have added new areas on the map, such as a forward operating base in the park and a second command post near the tower. The computer center has also been reworked to contain more shelters. In addition, some areas are more reminiscent of war, which creates an atmosphere more consistent with the universe of 2042.

A new look for specialists

To reflect their respective experiences, the specialist models have also been retouched. A way also to have a look more in line with the universe of BF 2042.

Specialists Battlefield 2042 update 1.2

Player profile and statistics

Below you can see two screenshots that symbolize the screens Player Profile and Statistics. The profile allows you to display your progress with data such as your rank, the experience needed to access the following ones, the associated rewards, the best Masteries and the items that will be unlocked soon.

As for the tab Statisticsit’s there to check your kills/deaths ratio (and their numbers), the assists and revives performed during the games, the accuracy, the games won, etc.

The patchnotes of version 1.2

The very long patchnotes of the 1.2 update is available on the game website and in French ! But here is a brief overview of the general changes:

  • Fixed an issue with aim assist that impaired automatic tracking of moving targets
  • A scroll menu has been added when viewing weapon attachments
  • Character feet no longer sink into the ground when previewing skins mid-game
  • The text that indicates the Store category is clearer in the Collection menu
  • The Hide UI button in the Battle Pass menu no longer hides game sheet backgrounds or plates
  • The power of the 30mm guns of the RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal has been reduced via a large increase in their overheat speed. This will help limit their impact on infantry and make them more balanced
  • BSV-M auto mode now receives an accuracy penalty. High velocity bullets lose power faster over distance

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