Battlefield 2042: an important feature is now outdated for DICE

Ever since the very fresh Battlefield 2042 was launched a few days ago, exactly the November 26, many users have noticed that the title was missing a rather important feature and that is usually present in all leading and non-flagship games. The functionality in question is the voice chat, very important especially for when you take part in matches where you do not know anyone, but also for groups of players already trained in the game. Well, it seems that the possible addition of it within the title is not a priority among the plans of the developers.

In a recent tweet by DICE, the software house talks about how it is listening to user criticism, and despite specifying that some of the functions that are still missing are still relevant for the company, refers to voice chat as an outdated feature.

It didn’t take long to generate a discussion of what was said about a feature that most users find not only necessary, but essential. Especially in a game like this, where collaboration within the team is extremely important, communication must absolutely be there, otherwise the matches will be made up of team members who will do everything alone due to the lack of coordination.

All this, along with various other reasons, could be the reason that led Battlefield 2042 to be a victim of review bombing a few hours after launch. In any case, the developers are listening carefully to the users, as we could see from the contents of the first update, so it is possible that it is only a matter of time before they realize that the players consider the voice chat essential within the title. .

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