Battlefield 2042 Developers Introduce Hazard Zone Mode

Authors Battlefield 2042 finally talked about the regime Hazard Zone. Here, players will face a confrontation between squads, which must collect as much data as possible and successfully evacuate from the map.

That’s right: the main thing in the Hazard Zone is not to kill opponents or bots (although it obviously won’t work without kills at all), but to receive intelligence from downed low-orbit satellites, which in the distant future are actively launched (and shot down) by the United States and Russia.

To get the data disks, several squads arrive on the territory (each with four specialists, and each team can only have one specialist of any type), which will confront each other and the bots, or even nature itself – the sometimes arising tornado ( but there will probably be more).

Bots protect data and prevent evacuation, and battles with them attract the attention of other teams and make you waste your resources – often it’s not worth it.

At the same time, collecting data from fallen satellites is only half the battle. It is also important to evacuate on time, and there will be only two possibilities for this (at different times and in different places). That is, at best, two squads will be able to get out of the battlefield. At worst, none.

Price information

Before deploying squads, players will have to choose experts wisely, depending on what strategy you want to follow during the match. Weapons, gadgets and tactical improvements are important (the latter will be 15 at the start). Everything in order to get as much data as possible.

Before the start of the match, the players will be briefly told about the map, including informing the place of the squad disembarkation. It is very important to consider this information before further choosing specialists and equipment.

But why is this data so important? After a successful evacuation, the data discs received by the fighters are converted into experience and a special currency for this mode – Dark Market Credits… These credits can be spent before a new match to buy weapons, gadgets and tactical upgrades.

Victory conditions

For the confrontation in the Hazard Zone, players will be able to take with them a special scanner that allows them to determine the approximate position of the required data from the fallen satellites. Discs can be found even if carried by a member of another squad.

At the same time, during the match, new satellites with several disks will fall on the map, and there will be no bots in the places where they fall. Thus, these satellites are much more valuable than those that fell initially, and it is for their data that the most fierce confrontation can unfold.

One way or another, some time after the start of the match, the first evacuation will begin. A place will be selected on the map where you need to rush to fly away (or eliminate them, having received the data). After that, the players will have the second and last chance to get out of the terrain, and it is for him that all the surviving fighters will fight.

If you do not have time to evacuate, all your data “burns”. But if at least one member of the squad who took the data flew away, all the fighters from his team will be rewarded.

And a few more details

On the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Hazard Zone matches will have 24 players, while on both Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and PC this number is 32.

Battles will take place on all maps All-Out Warfare (modes “Capture” and “Breakthrough”) – and so far there are seven announced.

In case you are injured, you can crawl to safety. If the player is killed, he becomes the “Observer”. However, members of his team can return the deceased to the game by calling “Reinforcements” (the means of calling can be found on the map or equipped before the start of the match).

Recall that Battlefield 2042 will be released on November 19 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. Extended Editions and EA Play subscribers will be able to start playing one week early.

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