Battlefield 2042: DICE confirmed – Season 2 brings a new map

DICE prepares the launch of Season 2 at Battlefield 2042 before. It is now clear: the coming season will (only) bring a new map to the current first-person shooter. In a current Dev Stream Confirms Lead Level Designer Shashank Uchilthat he is already “super excited” about the new map that the developers are releasing with Season 2. With the new map, the makers want to take player feedback into account and both reduce the playable area and offer more cover options. “The new map brings all of this,” adds the designer.

Another map with Season 2

The new Map also with 128 players let play, but narrow the spaces and ensure that players could better seek cover. “The card offers all the features but in a smaller package,” adds Uchil. At the start of the current Season 1, the developers introduced a new map to Battlefield 2042 called Exposure. It is not yet clear when concrete information about Season 2 can be expected. EA and DICE initially only announced that they wanted to reveal more about the season in the coming weeks.

Update 1.2 available since this week

Update 1.2 for Battlefield 2042 has been available for a few days (buy now €19.70) ready, which provides additional optimizations and features. The update contains not only new ones Bug fixes, balancing changes and usability improvementsbut also the first of the planned map revisions as well as adjustments to “style and tone” by some specialists. You can read what specifically changes in the linked update news for BF 2042. Update 2.0 should appear at the start of Season 2.

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