Battlefield 2042 – Hazard Zone: DICE finally lifts the veil on the last mode

After a few leaks during the day, the Hazard Zone mode of Battlefield 2042 is finally revealed. This third and final mode promises to be an experience never before seen in the Battlefield franchise. One month away from its release, let’s find out what Hazard Zone has to offer.

A real team game

After a rhythmic countdown, we got a quick look at the latest game mode in Battlefield 2042. Each game will start on a screen that shows a preview of the mission area. The cards in the game mode will be the same as those in All-out Warfare (the base game). These will indicate the most important regions, which may contain an objective zone or a link terminal, offering bonuses in the field. You will be dropped in teams of 4 in a map with 32 players. There will be 6 squads on Xbox One / PS4 and 8 on Xbox Series / PS5.

If the mode can directly make think of a battle royal, the observation is nuanced. Unlike the genre, being the last squad alive doesn’t matter. You will have to focus on objectives: securing the capsules and recovering the data drives they contain. All capsules are protected by AI. Death is permanent, but you can get revived while you’re down.

Equipped with your precious information, you will have to venture out of the area. There are two extraction windows, the first takes place shortly after the start of the game, the next gives players time to dig deep into the map. The catch is that a storm hits directly after the first extraction. It is possible that only two teams could emerge alive. DICE would like to point out that this game mode is intended to be very cooperative, an error can cause no team to get away with it at the end of the game.

After escaping unharmed, your team will be rewarded with black market credits. Note also that the eliminations are not the essential point of the game mode and you will not win the jackpot by having made a series of 15 eliminations, the goal being to report as much data as possible from the objectives. The more readers you bring back to the base, the more experience you will get for your level and battle pass.

The game will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC on November 19. If you are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you will be entitled to 10 hours of play offered via EA Play. Remember that the digital edition will allow you to enjoy the next-gen edition at no additional cost.

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