Battlefield 2042: Redesign of the Kaleidoscope map with Update 1.2

Battlefield 2042 is edging towards a slightly brighter future than what the original version offered when it was released. After a rather unsuccessful launch, the developers at DiCE are trying to catch up as best they can and are offering an update 1.2, supposed to improve things.

A revisited map

The experience that Battlefield 2042 offers is far from the usual standards of the franchise. This is why the DiCE teams had recently declared that they are only focusing on their current project and nothing else. Changes had been promised and the introduction of season 1 offered new horizons to a game in distress. With Update 1.2 now available, what does it add to the in-game experience?

Hi there,

Halfway through Season 1, we hope you’re still enjoying the new content and having a great summer. This week releases the 1.2 update. We look forward to making these changes and improvements available to you. It will be available for download on Tuesday, August 2.

What’s new ?

This update not only includes new bug fixes, balance changes and quality of life improvements, but also the first reworked map as well as style and tone changes for some of our Specialists.

  • Kaleidoscope has been overhauled to feature improved gameplay flow with new cover elements, new flag positions, terrain elevations, and visual improvements to several map locations.
  • We’ve introduced the first style and tone change for our Specialists, including several updated character models.
  • The power of the 30mm guns of the RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal has been reduced via a large increase in their overheat speed. This will help limit their impact on infantry and make them more balanced.
  • A profile and stats page is available in-game. It provides an overview of your performance and progress since launching the game.
  • Gamepad aim assist has been adjusted to be smoother and more consistent when tracking moving targets.
  • BSV-M auto mode now receives an accuracy penalty. High velocity bullets lose power faster over distance.

It is therefore timidly that DiCE proposes to improve its multiplayer FPS by revisiting only one of the maps of the game and by reshaping the faces of certain operators. All the improvements can be found on the official website Game.

EA reminds that this will be the final update before the announcement, then the launch, of season 2. The latter will be presented in the coming days and should be available at the end of August. What to hope for bigger changes to bring back the players …

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