Battlefield 2042 relies on specialties instead of classes – but that bothers many fans

Actually, the specialists were announced as a cool, new feature for Battlefield 2042, which should offer more freedom. But they were probably less well received by the fans than hoped. Many are now calling for the old classes back.

What are specialists? These are the new “classes” of Battlefield 2042, although the word is not entirely accurate. The only fixed characteristics of these specialists are their appearance and their background history. On paper, they fill fixed roles, for example there is a scout or a paramedic.

In regular multiplayer, however, these properties and gadgets are not fixed and players can take any equipment they want to their specialist with them. You can find an introduction to all known specialists on MeinMMO.

In theory, this gives the players more freedom, but on the other hand it also brings with it numerous problems. These are so big that there are now quite a few players who want the old classes back.

As it was that earlier? In the older Battlefield parts there was a fixed class system with four different roles. Most of them were

  • Assault soldier
  • technician
  • Supplier
  • Scout (sniper)

These classes also had their own weapons and gadgets available that set them apart from the others. So the assault soldier couldn’t take sniper rifles, while the sniper couldn’t take a defibrillator or rocket launcher, and so on.

Players claim the old class system from earlier Battlefield parts

What’s the problem with the specialists? The points of criticism are diverse. For many players, the problems start with the looks of the specialists, which were particularly evident in the Open Beta.

The specialists do not belong to any specific parliamentary group. It is true that the Americans and Russians face each other in multiplayer, but apart from the color coding, you cannot tell which specialist is playing on which side.

The uniforms always look the same. This caused confusion and some ridicule from the players in the beta, as you could hardly distinguish friend and foe.

Even then, the players expressed concern that the specialists appeared even more generic than the previous classes. With their own backstory and appearance, they should be just that: more special and unique. Meanwhile, many also make fun of the appearance of specialist Mackay:

The criticism is not limited to the appearance.

  • The earlier class system was an important part of the series and part of immersion for many Battlefield veterans
  • In addition, the uniforms and class design made it possible to immediately see what equipment the opponent and his own squad had with them
  • The balancing among the classes was also easier, according to the players
  • Some suspect that the specialists are simply copied from CoD by the operators and are supposed to represent another source of money with skins

What exactly is the requirement? Specifically, the players want a return to the old distribution of roles in multiplayer. The specialists should either disappear or only be used in the “Hazard Zone” mode.

Among other things, the user BigTechCensorsYou writes:

The Battlefield class system had worked for two decades. It has been working for a long time now than most current players have been alive. And NOW they’re going to screw it up.


One player even “faked” a post on reddit announcing that DICE will accept the criticism and bring back the class system for the all-out warfare area of ​​multiplayer.

Some are almost desperate about it.

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How are the chances? It remains to be seen whether developer DICE will listen to the criticism. EA is currently sending out surveys to various players and collecting targeted feedback, also according to the specialists and the old class system.

It is possible that the feedback from fans will be implemented until or after the release.

When will Battlefield 2042 actually be released? The shooter will officially be released on November 19, 2021 for PC, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4.

Then you will probably try out the specialists yourself and be able to form your own opinion. The well-known classes will not be missing entirely.

Because in Battlefield Portal, another great mode of Battlefield 2042, you can play all classes from Battlefield 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 1942. Here you will find an overview with all information about the game mode.

What do you think of the specialist system? Do you want the classes back too? Or are you satisfied with the new system? What would you change or what would you keep? Discuss with us in the comments.

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