Battlefield 2042 Roadmap promises "fix problems"

Faced with complaints about Battlefield 2042Electronic Arts has released an official announcement detailing the roadmap for the next two updates, which include fixes geared towards performance and gameplay balance. In addition to describing the two future updates, the company has also commented on the performance of Battlefield 2042 since its launch, and has pledged to keep players informed through official posts and social media.

Battlefield 2042 has not had a smooth launch, as the game has been affected by various issues, such as crashes, bugs and performance problems. The game’s launch was originally scheduled for October, but ended up being delayed until November 19, and Electronic Arts conducted a beta test of the game in October. Since beta and now full release, Battlefield 2042 players have seen multiple bugs and glitches, ranging from visual issues affecting individual users, to gameplay bugs that require game features to be disabled. Performance issues aside, fans have been divided over Battlefield 2042’s decision to remove the class-based system from previous titles in the series, replacing it with Battlefield specialists.

In a post on EA’s website, the company has announced the areas that the next two updates to EA will focus on. Battlefield 2042including server performance and stability, weapon play and balance, and solo / co-op progression and custom portal experience. Regarding the performance and stability of the server, EA notes that the stability of the server is working largely as expected, but stated that it is working to fix the servers that are not registering the hitmarkers correctly. Plans are also in the works to ensure the frame rate is consistent and high, even on low-spec PC hardware, while a fix has been found for PC gamers who have noticed a “strange inconsistency with the behavior of aim, relative to the mouse sensitivity setting. “

When it comes to gunplay and balance, EA has identified some important issues that the next two updates will try to fix. For starters, the gunplay will see several global changes in update # 2, including reduced dispersion and faster recoil cooldowns. EA also mentions that, in Battlefield 2042, developers have a greater ability to address balance issues without the need for a full game update, allowing for fine tuning as the metagame evolves between patches. Vehicles, which have been a key aspect of the Battlefield series, are also an area of ​​focus for EA, with the company specifically addressing and fixing the over-performance of certain vehicles, such as lowering the health of the Hovercraft. EA also reveals that the imbalances in the win rates in the various modes, and the creation of servers that cultivate XP, have caused the built-in limiters to not work as intended. Lastly, the post concludes with a more comprehensive list of fixes, changes, and improvements, including various quality of life updates and minor fixes, such as identification issues noted during the Battlefield 2042 beta.

While it is positive news that the developers appear to be actively listening to player feedback and working quickly to implement changes and fixes, the scale of some of the changes may raise some concerns. Universal weapon handling changes are quite a significant option that incorporates some risk, especially since the game has been fully released and is no longer in early access or beta. With the breadth of core features, including voice chat, not yet added to Battlefield 2042Along with the looming holiday season and the launch of competitors like Halo Infinite multiplayer and Call of Duty: Vanguard, Battlefield 2042 buyers may wonder if the updates are too small, too late.

New updates and fixes for the game will be rolled out in early December, but it could still be some time before the game reaches the level many fans expected at launch. As the shooters space is increasingly competitive, EA is trying to offer gameplay and features that can appeal to fans of other FPS titles, such as the Hazard Zone for Escape from Tarkov players or the Specialist system for Rainbow players. Six: Siege, which could cement it as a solid game once its myriad problems have been fixed. EA hopes that Battlefield 2042 be a service in the future, and the first lessons learned from the launch can be vital to ensuring the long-term success of the game.

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