Bayern new signing de Ligt reveals change details: "Wasn’t really in the room yet"

FC Bayern has convinced Matthijs de Ligt. Image: Imago Images / Sven Simon

Matthijs de Ligt is the new star of FC Bayern. In July he made the fresh move from Juventus Turin to the top German club. Now he reveals why the transfer was unclear to him for a long time.

Bayern really wanted De Ligt on their team. The Dutch international is the second most expensive transfer in Bayern history. The central defender was actually under contract with his old club, Juventus Turin, until 2024.

Matthijs de Ligt was immediately interested in Bayern

In an interview with the “table football” the 22-year-old reveals that it was still time for a new challenge, a new environment. When Bayern got in touch, he was immediately interested, he says. Because the style would suit his way of playing.

During the summer break, Matthijs de Ligt was told that Bayern were looking for a certain type of defender. He reports:

“But it was initially just a loose request, because at the time it wasn’t really clear that I would be available at all.”

These points convinced de Ligt of the early change

Bayern did a lot of convincing with the central defender and were finally able to convince him of the change.

The reason was the talks with the decision-makers. “They wanted this player that I want to be,” reveals de Ligt. He wants to help the team, defend high and build the game, he continues. Similar to what he did at Ajax. It was at the Amsterdam club that De Ligt made his breakthrough.

Familiar conversations with other players who already know FC Bayern also convinced him. “Everyone, no matter who I spoke to, said that Bayern is a great club.” He got advice from former Bayern coach Louis van Gaal, for example. He also spoke to Eric ten Hag, who knows Bayern well as a former second-team coach. He reveals: “I talked to him about the club a few years ago.” Ten Hag also said it was great in Munich.

At Bayern, de Ligt will now become head of defense directly. The fact that Bayern was looking for a player who would take on managerial roles on the defensive and who matched the club’s philosophy with his ideas was a good fit, he appreciates. He says: “It sparked immediately between FC Bayern and me.”


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