Bayern star Hernández faces imprisonment in Spain

Lucas Hernández moved from Atlético Madrid to FC Bayern in 2019 for 80 million euros.

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Defender Lucas Hernández could be out longer at Bayern Munich due to possible imprisonment. The 25-year-old has to appear before the criminal court 32 in Madrid on October 19. A judicial spokesman confirmed this on Thursday.

There Hernández should indicate in which prison of his choice he wants to begin a six-month prison sentence no later than ten days later. The prison sentence had already been imposed in 2019 by the criminal court 35 in Madrid. First the “tz” from Munich reported about it.

Imprisonment despite reconciliation

The background to the case is a physical dispute in February 2017 with his girlfriend at the time and now his wife. Both were sentenced to community service and a six-month ban on contact for domestic violence. However, they reconciled quickly and traveled together for six months, reported the sports newspaper “As”. On return, this violation of the ban on contact was put on record and Hernández was later sentenced to imprisonment for disregarding the condition.

In Spain, there is still a ban on contact even if there has been a reconciliation so that no one can be compelled to undertake such a reconciliation. “As” wrote that his wife got off lightly because the ban on contact had not yet been officially delivered to her at the time they were traveling together.

Hernández wants to appear in court

Hernández’s lawyers had requested a suspension of the sentence, but the court 32 reportedly refused. They then appealed to the next higher court instance, the Audiencia Provincial de Madrid, which roughly corresponds to a German regional court, according to the judicial spokesman.
However, Spanish media doubted that this court would rule quickly enough to save Hernández from going to prison. It was unclear whether he could be released early later.

There was no comment from Hernandez’s side. According to dpa information, the professional wants to appear in court at the appointment next Tuesday.

Hernández moved from Atlético Madrid to Bayern Munich two years ago as a record purchase for around 80 million euros. The world champion was repeatedly stopped by injuries. The association has not yet commented on the case. / Ro / DP / men


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