Be careful if the criminal police, Europol or Interpol are supposed to call you

Prosecutors are currently pointing to a new wave of fraud using the “Europol scam”. Callers give themselves a serious look with a German number and supposedly have “important information”. As is so often the case, the victims are mostly older people.

Dreist is called under the guise of an investigation

There is a veritable wave of reports that are currently being received by the police and other law enforcement agencies. Again BR writes in his report, the descriptions of the victims are similar: An ordinary German number calls, after picking up a rather tinny voice describes that it is from Europol and has important information ready. For forwarding one should press a key. Like that Federal Criminal Police Office had already warned in April that such and similar calls are a scam.
Infographic: These are the most successful subject lines in phishing

So there are fraudulent calls nationwide, “this time from alleged employees of the police authorities, the Federal Criminal Police Office, Europol and Interpol”. A more detailed description of the process follows. The criminals fool the victims into believing that personal information has been stolen and is now being used for crimes. The victims are then urged to provide further information, and in some cases attempts are made to extort money directly. Of course, the best antidote to such attacks is a healthy dose of skepticism. And the Federal Criminal Police Office once again emphasizes what should be clear to most: “The police will never ask you to transfer money. This also applies to the Federal Criminal Police Office as well as Europol and Interpol.” A case from Lower Franconia, about the BR reported, but shows how successful fraudsters are with such scams. Here, 500,000 euros were stolen in one day.

Numbers technically camouflaged

As the prosecutors confirm, the fraudsters use quite interesting technical tricks. No one wants to give details, but a “special technical procedure” ensures that “victims are shown a telephone number that actually belongs to Europol/Interpol or a German police station”. This gives the calls the necessary serious touch for overly inexperienced target persons. The evaluation of the victims shows that, as is so often the case, older people in particular are targeted here.

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