Beaune, Attal, Darmanin… These members of the government who saved their skins

In the ocean of bad news that overwhelmed the majority, some members of the government and national figures of the Republic in March had to, furtively and probably clandestinely, welcome their victory by expressing a cry of relief. If the success of a handful of them like Gérald Darmanin or Élisabeth Borne were expected, most majority affiliates are doing in perilous conditions.

Between local roots, a blocking vote on the reunified left or on the far right and the transfer of votes, they have benefited from several circumstances which guarantee them five additional years in the National Assembly. They have thus avoided the trap into which have fallen, among others, Amélie de Montchalin, Minister of Ecology, or Brigitte Bourguignon, Minister of Health… Panorama of the tenors of the majority who resist.

In favorable ballot having won the first round 34.32% of the vote against 24.53% for Noé Gauchard who, at 22, presented himself against the Prime Minister under the banner of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) , Elisabeth Borne offers a narrow victory. She obtained, this Sunday, 52.3% of the votes in the 6th constituency of Calvados, where she had never been elected until then.

Whatever the margin with which the former socialist wins, she saves the essential. She will be able to keep her position at Matignon in the coming weeks.

We expected a clear victory for the Minister of the Interior, he got it. The deputy for the 10th district of the North was re-elected without difficulty with 64.7% of the votes cast, against his opponent from Nupes, Leslie Mortreux (35.3%). He is the best-elected minister in the Borne government. Benefiting from strong territorial roots, Gérald Darmanin was the big favorite in the ballot.

As since 2017 and his appointment to the Ministry of Action and Public Accounts, he will not tread the corridors of Parliament as a deputy since he should immediately abandon his seat in favor of his deputy, the outgoing deputy of the constituency, Vincent Ledoux. Gérald Darmanin comes out stronger than ever from this electoral sequence.

Coming from the right, Damien Abad had chosen to join the majority of Emmanuel Macron, in mid-May, in the light of a reshuffle which promised him a ministry. A few weeks later, the former president of the Les Républicains group in the National Assembly was appointed Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and Disabled People and above all re-elected as deputy for the 5th constituency of Ain.

His re-election comes as the minister is accused of rape and sexual assault by several women. Despite the testimonies published by Mediapart, he was renewed with 57.86%, and welcomed “a victory without appeal”.

Easily ! Like Gérald Darmanin, the young Minister of Public Accounts inherited 62.8% of the votes. He is ahead of Cécile Soubelet, representing Nupes. He was therefore re-elected MP for the 10th constituency of Hauts-de-Seine. A constituency won over to the ideas of the Republic on the move since Emmanuel Macron had won 82% of the votes in the second round of the presidential election.

Danger lurked for Stanislas Guérini as the second round of the legislative elections approached. He had waited for almost five years before entering the government, he could have ruined his efforts in case of defeat. It is not so. The Minister of Transformation and the Public Service was elected in the third constituency of Paris, with 51.3% of the votes ahead of the candidate of the Nupes, Léa Balage el Mariky, recording 48.7% of the votes.

It was the first time he had appeared before voters. For his entry on the track, he had chosen to present himself in the 7th district of Paris. In unfavorable waivers at the end of the second round, the Minister for Europe had more than 5 points to catch up on his competitor, Caroline Mécary, from Nupes. He managed to return the ballot which he narrowly won.

With 50.8% of the vote against 49.2% for Caroline Mécary, he too will be able to remain in government, perhaps hoping for a promotion during the reshuffle that is pointing. The balance of forces present in the National Assembly, at the end of this second round of legislative elections, could once again call into play the status of these victorious deputies.

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