Beautiful Ferres daughter – Lilly CANNES also solo

That evening SHE played the leading role!

Lilly Krug (20) is no longer known only as the daughter of Veronica Ferres (56). On Wednesday evening, the beautiful actress shone solo for the first time on the red carpet in Cannes.

Lilly Krug walked the red carpet in Cannes in a Dior evening dressFoto: Getty Images

The occasion was the celebrations of the 4th edition of the Cannes International Series Festival (Canneseries), which has been honoring the best talents in the series industry since 2018 and discovering the talents of tomorrow.

Lilly shone like a real Hollywood star in the flash of flashlights that evening

Lilly shone like a real Hollywood star in the flash of flashlights that eveningPhoto: lillykrug / instagram

Lilly Krug, who posed for the photographers in a Dior gown, did not receive an award, but that evening she shone like a true Hollywood star. Of course, Mama Veronica accompanied her beautiful daughter on this occasion, but for once stayed modestly in the background.

A sight that Veronica Ferres will have to get used to in the future.

Lilly takes off in Hollywood

Because Lilly is currently boosting her own acting career enormously and will soon be seen alongside Hollywood star Gerard Butler (51).

The action thriller called “The Plane” is about the pilot Brodie Torrance (played by Butler), who is threatened by militant pirates who want to take the plane and its passengers hostage after a heroic landing of his storm-damaged plane in hostile territory . Krug will play a young woman named Brie, a passenger with a large following on social media.

Not her first big role in Hollywood!

She recently finished the production of the indie thriller “Shattered” alongside John Malkovich (67) and is in front of the camera for Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins (83) in “Zero Contact” with her mom. At the end of 2019, she also shot the drama “Swing” on the side of two-time Oscar nominee Michael Shannon (47). Here, too, Lilly Krug played one of the two main actresses.

Lilly’s greatest role model is not mom, but Margot Robbie (31). And Lilly is probably well on the way to competing with beautiful Robbie soon …

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